Does FME Furniture Have a Shop?

FME Furniture is mostly an online business both in the United Kingdom and Australia yet once items from the shipping container have arrived to Sydney from London, if the items haven't already been pre-sold then viewings are absolutely possible and recommended. The unsold items from previous shipments are currently stored in Chatswood and viewings of the mid century, vintage and retro furniture are possible by appointment only. Please use the contact us form to make a viewing appointment.

Can I Reserve an Item Ahead of Arrival to Sydney?

Unfortunately reservations on items aren't possible, however, if you'd like to guarantee that an item is yours ahead of the shipping container arriving I can be flexible and will offer customers the ability to place a 25% non-refundable deposit with the balance due within 14 days of arrival to Sydney. The 25% would be payable into my CBA and then I can adjust the balance due on the item on the website for the remainder. It can be tricky to navigate the world of e-commerce and I understand that so I made a blog post to autenticate who I am and included my ABN, plus my email and phone number is included on the website.

Can I Ask You to Find me Something Specific?

Yes you can! I do work with several customers in Australia this way (it's in fact how I got started with shipping containers going to Sydney from the U.K.) As long as there is time (the deadline would be approximately 4 weeks prior to the containers setting sail) then I am happy to hunt / source / find your specific mid century, vintage and retro furniture and home interior requests. Quite often I need adequate time to source, allow for delivery within the UK, check the item to see what might need restoring, photographing and packing up for sailing. As I'll be very busy in the weeks leading up to the container sailing, I need to be ultra organised and won't be able to take on extra commissions. If the items you're asking for aren't out of scope with my normal stock then I would ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit in order for me to go ahead and purchase. We can discuss this in greater detail if you're interested, just ask me. If the item is not within the scope of the normal stock I buy then it would be a custom converstion between myself and the client so we can happily agree to the terms of sale.

What Happens if My Item Arrives Damaged?

With my first container, absolutely nothing arrived damaged - and I sent glass! If items are damaged then I will have them photographed and presented to you and you'll be able to make a decision on whether you'd like a full refund, a percentage discount that we agree on or if it's something I can have fixed without any noticeable traces I'll do so at my cost.

How Do I Know FME Furniture is a Real Business?

There are several ways to verify who I am (Jessica) and the fact that FME Furniture is a legitimate business registered in Australia. I wrote a blog post about it which can be viewed here. This week I've also set up a Trustpilot page for FME Furniture in Sydney and I've asked past buyers to review their purchases. The 'leave a review' button is on my website to collect accurate and honest feedback. Check out the reviews here. I also now have a track record as I have sent a shipping container and I have great relationships with past buyers. Some have offered to be references for me, so if you'd like that information please reach out to ask via the contact form. You can also see my activity on my instagram page where I'm adding new stock weekly and interacting with customers in London and around the world.

I'm Not in Sydney - Can You Help With Delivery?

Yes, I can help! I'm constantly adding to my list of delivery companies which operate state to state in Australia. Most of the big purchases (dining tables and chairs. sofas, sideboards and dressing tables) from my first shipment were for Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and I had lots of enquiries from Melbourne and Queensland. I have written a blog post about how to transport furniture interstate within Australia, yet I likely have some new and updated info by now so please do get in touch. I can help and guide you however the booking, payment and logistics will need to be handled by buyers. This is purely as I'm in the U.K.

Can I Sell My Used Furniture To You?

I'm always happy to take a look at any vintage, retro or mid century Australian or European furniture that you own that you'd like to sell. My specialty lies in European (Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, French) / British / Scottish and other furniture makers originating in the United Kingdom - so I'm less familiar with the Australian mid century brands. As I don't have a physical shop in Sydney and my aim is to sell and clear out the holding warehouse that I have for each shipment of items that I send from London to Sydney, I'm not likely to be in a position to take on additional furniture. I do all of my restorations and photography at my workshop studio in London, so it becomes a little tricker for me to handle taking on items in Sydney. One day I hope to move back to Sydney and open a shop and then I can definitely entertain the idea of buying your goods.

Do you have Afterpay? (Spoiler, it's a YES!)

Yes! I applied for and have just been approved for Afterpay. I'll be implementing this very soon - it's also another trust / verification point for FME Furniture in Australia as the onboarding process is very thorough. This is another way to ensure mid century, vintage and retro furniture for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and everywhere in-between is affordable and accessible for all. Watch this space - I'll be sending out an email to subscribers once it's all set up.