A Second Container is Happening Q3, 2021! More Mid Century Furniture From London to Sydney

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

This week I uploaded this beautiful 1960's teak Austinsuite dressing table with mirror to my Instagram account, tagged to London.

As my first shipping container had left in October 2020 for Sydney, I was back to business in London buying and selling mid century and vintage furniture - until...

A lovely customer in Sydney dropped me a DM "how much is this? I'm in Sydney".

I had about eight customers in line to buy this in London yet I gave Sydney the night for me to hear back and then it was swiftly purchased via a 20% deposit to my CBA account with the balance payable prior to the sail date. The entire process took less than 16 hours end to end and the customer in Sydney had been looking for about a year for this item!

SO - this is how my second shipping container was born! (I was basically begging for a reason to send another and - prayers answered!)

I anticipate round 2 will be sent from London around July-August 2021 and it will again go to Sydney. I feel so grateful and happy to be in a position where I can send another container, I just love sourcing and sharing the gems I find with fellow Australians.

One lesson from the first container was that I had a lot of people asking for specific things to be sent yet I ran out of time - so I will be re-reaching out to those customers to start over and I encourage you to get in touch with me to source specific items as it does take a little time.

I would be so happy to work with you!

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