Building Consumer Trust - Five Reasons To Buy My Mid Century Vintage Furniture With Confidence

I get it. In Australia, I'm a start-up with a small digital footprint.

You might be thinking...

'I don't want to miss out on this, yet, WHO IS this person? How do I know their ecommerce site is trustworthy? Especially as I can't see items in person before I want to buy'.

Please rest assured, my name is Jessica and it's great to meet you! I've a company in London and international shipping to Australia is a new arm of my already established and successful business.

Here are five reasons not to doubt any purchase you're thinking of making. I'm happy to add more validation points if needed, please reach out with suggestions if so.

  1. I've an ABN (Australian business number) and it's in the footer of my website. Feel free to check out its legitimacy.

  2. I've an Australian domain ( which you're unable to acquire without an ABN and jumping through a million hoops to prove to the government that you are who you say you are (ID verification is similar to applying for a passport)

  3. If you're still not sure, then take a look at my LinkedIn profile - linked here

  4. Then there's always my instagram account to verify items you see on the website, who I follow and who follows me - a track record is important

  5. I also give my phone number and email address on the website and it's common for me to chat with buyers before they actually go ahead, so feel free to whatsapp me!

As it stands, the container filled with vintage, retro and mid century furniture left London about one week ago and is currently somewhere on the high seas!

The scheduled arrival date to Sydney port is 11th December, 2020 and I'm at the mercy of Australian customs and quarantine as to when the container will be released, if all goes well 2-5 days was mentioned once it's landed. As I promised I'll be blogging progress and updates - the next stop for the container is Singapore, then Sydney, Australia!

This first container for me was a trial to test the Australian market and something I've wanted to do since day one of starting this business. The response has been so great (thank you for all the pre arrival sales!) that there's enough demand for future shipments.

If you've something in mind that you'd like - please reach out as I'll start sourcing for Q1-2 shipments very soon (my favourite part!)

Requests so far have been Kofod Larsen sideboards, Beithcraft vintage sideboards / credenzas, G Plan Victor Wilkins dining tables and chairs, Nathan furniture teak extending dining tables and chairs, Ligne Roset sofas and fireside armchairs, brutalist stools and dining tables, Andre Sornay tables - to name a few, so I am back to work to source these gems.

Until the next update! x

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