How To Transport Mid Century & Vintage Furniture Items within Australia

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hi everyone!

With less than one month until the shipping container from London reaches Sydney, you might be ready to buy yet are unsure how to transport.

If you live in a state other than NSW, I've been passing these websites on to customers and so far the feedback has been positive. I'm here to help yet all transport bookings should be made and paid by buyers.

I have had purchases of my mid century, vintage and retro furniture in Adelaide (several, actually), Canberra, Perth and various parts of N.S.W.

All items (except a few bamboo pieces) were individually and hand wrapped by myself. I used bubble and shrink wrap and in some cases cardboard (if there was cane e.g. the Marcel Breuer dining chairs) and blankets (for those beautiful armchairs and dining tables).

If you do live interstate from Sydney all your courier would need to do is collect from the Chatswood depot, load to their van and off they go. Do check them out properly though, make sure they have insurance - we will be checking items before they leave us to ensure everything is how they looked on the website when purchased.

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