London to Sydney sail date is BOOKED!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Hi everyone! Firstly, to my loyal customers who bought items earlier this year and have been patiently waiting - thank you so much.

Everyone is tired of the 'covid' excuse yet it really has impacted my operations. Secondly, I can now happily announce that as of today I have a haulage date and sail date booked from London and the most exciting news of all is that this time I'm sending a 40 foot container (double the size of the last one!) It has been a truly difficult process to get a sail date booked and confirmed and just like last year, right at the time I needed to book one in Sydney went into (and is still suffering from) a serious covid-19 lockdown.

The dates are: Haulage from London, the loading day is the 12th October Sail date from London is the 16th October At last count I've more than 100 sets of items to wrap, catalogue and send and as I've a bit more time now than anticipated I'm still buying items (although not too many). Just as before, sail time is estimated to be approx. 46 days and then time should be allocated for customs / clearance / fumigation at the Sydney end. So far, customs agents are telling me these are being processed efficiently in around one week. As for the end destination in Sydney I'm looking back at the Northern Beaches (Brookvale area) or Chatswood, somewhere that can fit the amount of gorgeous mid century, vintage and retro furniture pieces available for sale in Sydney, Australia! Once again, I thank you for being kind and patient and I'll upate via blogs from now on. Stay safe and best wishes, Jessica

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