One Month Until Shipping Day! Vintage, Retro & Mid Century Furniture - Headed for Sydney, Australia.

I'm absolutely loving my career change. I spent my 20's and most of my 30's in corporate land and started FME Furniture, recently.

From boardrooms to buffing, suits to scrubbing and reviewing to refurbishing, I'm grateful for the opportunity to change in starting my own small business.

However - shizz gets real when the reality sets in that my first shipping container from the UK to Sydney, Australia is due to depart in approximately one month! I've had vintage, retro and mid century modern pieces of furniture for sale in the UK as my main business and once I started my instagram account I realised the demand back home in Sydney was there.

It's interesting to note the difference in demand of both markets and with Sydney being such coastal city close to the beach with a huge emphasis on the outdoors, I'm finding that the more natural pieces of furniture are in demand. 70's vintage bamboo, cane, wicker and rattan pieces are constantly requested. Bamboo plant holders, chests of drawers, hutches, arched shelving units, sideboards, dining tables and chairs and coffee tables, I can't seem to find enough of them. Vintage wool rugs are also hot on my sourcing list.

Closely following are chests of drawers or tallboy units, especially by G Plan, Alfred Cox, Avalon - basically any mid century modern chest of drawers with cute legs, whether they be teak, walnut or oak.

Do you have any special requests that I can source for you before my container leaves? Get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

Give me a follow on instagram @it_is_fme to stay up to date with my current stock.

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