Trustpilot Reviews Are Rolling In!

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all well!

I'm always searching for ways to ensure customers feel comfortable if they're placing pre-orders (buying sight unseen before the shipping container arrives from London to Sydney).

Besides my previous blog article where I discuss who I am, another great way is to collect testimonials and feedback via Trustpilot. I set this up yesterday.

Trustpilot is great as it allows anyone who has interacted with me or my business, FME Furniture, to leave valuable feedback on their experience.

Using a third party application also removes any bias and I'm unable to edit the comments. This is important to know!

If you feel inclined and we've interacted in the past (no matter whether you've purchased or not), please give it a go and leave a review.

I'd very much appreciate it and it'll help those who are currently considering purchasing mid century, vintage and retro furniture from FME Furniture.

Below is Sarah's purchase from my first shipment, Sarah has also left me my first review.

Click here to read / leave a review!

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