What's In The Container?

Hi everyone!

The container left the UK on 16th October, 2021 and is due to arrive at Sydney on 30th Nov.

I'd estimate customs and clearance to take approx. 1 week.

What's inside?

Not all is listed on the website yet however here's a full list of what's to come. Note, some of these have pre-sold.

Please do reach out with the item number below if you're interested and I'll come back to you with more information if it's not yet on the website.

There are a couple of pieces which I would say are incredibly rare to find even within the UK (hint: the Robert Heritage Archie Shine sideboard!)



  1. Mcintosh roundette teak dining set with sage chairs

  2. Beithcraft teak drop leaf dining table

  3. Ercol blonde pebble nest of tables

  4. 2 bay ladderax with magazine shelf (white ladders x 3)

  5. Greaves & Thomas egg chair

  6. Quadrille G Plan nest of tables

  7. Ercol day bed studio sofa with purple cushion

  8. Skovmand & Andersen rosewood extending dining table

  9. 2 bay ladderax ensemble (gold ladders x 3)

  10. G Plan dressing table stool with black faux leather

  11. G Plan Astro teak nest of tables

  12. G Plan dressing table stool with black faux leather & button

  13. Hans Olsen oak roundette dining set

  14. Mcintosh art nouveau rosewood & teak sideboard

  15. G Plan Fresco teak dressing table with mirror

  16. White & Newton teak dressing table with mirror

  17. Arkana safari chair in black faux leather and chrome

  18. Nathan teak corner unit 1

  19. Nathan teak corner unit 2

  20. Mcintosh teak roundette dining set with black faux leather chairs

  21. Ercol day bed with blue fabric cushioning

  22. G Plan Fresco teak shorter sideboard

  23. Bamboo rocking chair

  24. G Plan Fresco teak long John sideboard

  25. Lebus walnut dressing table with mirror

  26. Bamboo bistro dining kitchen set

  27. G Plan teak dressing table with mirror

  28. Austinsuite teak dressing table with mirror

  29. Ercol Jubilee sofa and armchair

  30. Mcintosh rosewood roundette dining set 6 tan faux leather chairs

  31. Ercol footstool 1

  32. Ercol footstool 2

  33. Ercol blonde pebble nest of tables 2

  34. Morco sewing box

  35. Portwood teak 60's sideboard

  36. Beaver & Tapley long slim teak mid century cabinet with glass doors

  37. Teak 2 door cabinet mini sideboard

  38. 2 x Dutch Dirk Van Sliedregt chrome and rattan bar stools

  39. Mcintosh mid century walnut extending dining table

  40. 6 Gudme Mobelfabrik teak Danish dining chairs

  41. Danish starburst coffee table

  42. Meredew walnut sideboard with brass handles

  43. G Plan Fresco long sideboard / chest of drawers

  44. G Plan Fresco chest of 4 drawers

  45. Avalon teak chest of 6 drawers

  46. Danish teak tea / drinks trolley

  47. Uniflex marquetry chest of drawers in walnut with chrome cigar legs

  48. 2 bay ladderax ensemble with drawers (white ladders)

  49. Skovby extending teak Danish dining table

  50. Robert Heritage Archie Shine 1950's rosewood & teak sideboard

  51. A pair of Roger Tallon oak stools

  52. Ercol footstool

  53. 4 Meredew teak dining chairs - burnt orange velvet upholstery

  54. Domino Mobler teak 2 seater sofa

  55. 2 seater Danish sofa with adjustable drink / dinner tray arms

  56. Ercol blonde drop leaf dining table

  57. Portwood teak sideboard with ski legs

  58. MCM teak sideboard with square handles

  59. Mcintosh teak roundette dining set with grey faux leather chairs

  60. Reproduction tulip dining set

  61. Stonehill Stateroom teak room divider

  62. Jentique console sideboard 1

  63. Jentique console sideboard 2

  64. 4 G Plan Fresco sage & teak dining chairs

  65. Quadrille nest of G Plan tables

  66. Astro nest of tables G Plan

  67. Astro nest of tables G Plan

  68. Danish tiled teak coffee table by Poul H Poulsen

  69. Swedish Egon Ostergaard teak bureau

  70. Red Sherbourne sewing box

  71. 4 G Plan Fresco brown faux leather & teak dining chairs

  72. Wooden expanding sewing box

  73. 2 x Gimson & Slater teak armchairs

  74. Red curved G Plan Samantha 3 seater sofa

  75. Mcintosh teak round extending dining table with yellow chairs

  76. Mcintosh teak roundette dining set with grey/black fabric & teak chairs

  77. Nathan teak squares sideboard

  78. Green 60's Danish sofa on chrome sleigh legs

  79. Bamboo and rattan large mirror

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