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Throughout the life, the average Aussie sleeps around 8 hthes a day, at a total of 229,961 hthes. This is a third of the lives, meaning sleep is essential to us and we can’t function as normal without it. With so many overpriced mattresses out there, it is important to choose something that your body will be comfortable sleeping on and that won’t break the bank.Quality constructed providing a luxurious and comfortable feel, the Cooling Gel Seven-Zone Hybrid Tri-Foam Spring Euro Mattress will allow you to sleep uninterrupted all night long. The high-quality memory foam material is the key to improving your sleep.The intelligent foam adapts to the shape of the shoulders, back and body offering you support during sleep that is specially designed for you.Advanced SupportThe 360homeware Cooling Gel Seven-Zone Hybrid Tri-Foam Spring Euro Mattress has the perfect mix of springs and foam, to provide a sweet spot in firmness and breathability. The memory foam, forms to your body shape while providing support, in turn reducing your pressure points, improving blood circulation and overall providing a better sleep. It is sensitive to your body as it takes shape when you lie down on it evenly distributing your weight across its 5 spring zone system while also providing the right amount of firmness.The cooling gel memory foam further supports your back and looks to relieve pain. Memory foam take the shape of the natural curves of the body, which helps provide support to each body part evenly.Suits All SleepersWe know not everyone sleeps the same, everyone has their own positions and over time even change their positions, therefore the Cooling Gel Seven-Zone Hybrid Tri-Foam Spring Euro Mattress is designed to support any sleeping positions. Feel comfortable however you decided to doze off.Quality Materials Long WarrantyThe mattress from 360Homeware is constructed from high quality materials, which are not only skin friendly but also free of harmful chemicals. The memory foam makes it durable and low maintenance.FeaturesMedium firmnessCooling-Gel FoamSeven-Zoned Support System6 working turns coil systemZero partner disturbanceGreat VentilationAmazing Support and Weight DistributionWave FoamComfort FoamEgg-shaped foamHypo-allergenic materialsZero Harmful ChemicalsKnitted FabricFirmness 5.5/10 Medium Firm100 Night trialDimensionsThickness 32cmQueen – 203 x 153Package Content1 x Cooling Gel Seven-Zone Hybrid Tri-Foam Spring Euro Mattress Queen


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