Advwin Standing Desk Height Adjustable White


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Working from the comfort of your couch certainly has its benefits, but it isn’t exactly easy on your posture. As one chiropractor told us, an ideal work-from-home desk should accommodate both sitting and standing, as well as offer “the most versatility for changes of position to accommodate a variety of body types and postures.”

Advwin Standing Desk converter certainly falls in line with those claims.

  • Can help to eliminate back pain caused by sedentary sitting
  • Sits right on top of your existing desk
  • The sturdy four-sided base holds up to 15kg
  • Soft rounded edges
  • Durable thick desk and keyboard tray
  • Ultimate support and comfort for your wrists with a keyboard tray


  • Good for Health: Height adjusts between 13.5 and 50cm so you could sit or stand for work. Which relieves the pain of the cervical spine and waist caused by prolonged sitting.
  • Ergonomics: Advwin Standing Desk includes many key ergonomic features like the beveled edge on the keyboard tray, which provides a comfortable surface for resting your wrists. Features a large full-width keyboard tray with a slight arc in its shape.
  • Operation: The X shape design makes adjusting your desk easy. It rises up perfectly straight and is great for small spaces.
  • Easy to Assemble: The finished product can be used directly, saving you assembly time.

Load Capacity: 15kg
Desk Size: 80*40*(13.5-50)cm
Keyboard Tray Size: 79.6*30cm
Net Weight: 15.5kg

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