Power Grommet, White / Power Grommet (Includes 2 Holes Drilled)


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The UpDown Desk power grommet is a neat and compact way to provide USB (2 plugs) and 240v Australian Power Outlet (GPO) right on top of your desktop within arms reach. No more crawling around under the desk trying to locate power connections! Enjoy a more organised workstation and power everything right from your desktop. As with all products from UpDown Desk, you will be pleasantly surprised by the build quality.

There are two installation options:

1. We drill two 80mm holes in the desk. These will be 40cm from the centre line of the desk and 2.5cm from the edge. One hole will accommodate a normal desk grommet (for cables to pass through) and one hole will accommodate the power grommet. We will supply you with one normal desk grommet and one power grommet for you to install in the pre-drilled holes. The color of the grommets can be matched to your frame (please select blackĀ or white)

2. We supply one power grommet and you drill your own hole (80mm diameter).

The power grommet includes:

1 x 240v Australian Power Outlet (GPO)
2 x USB-A fast-charge outlets (30W shared)
1 x 1000mm lead

Use of cleaning agents: Please ensure cleaning agents are compatible for use on molded polycarbonate surfaces. Should any sign of degradation, cracking or discolouration be present or occur, immediately discontinue the use of the cleaning agent.


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