UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk Frame, White (In Stock)


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Use your own desktop with a PRO Series electric standing desk frame.

The PRO Series electric standing desk offers unrivaled stability, which is the most important thing when working from a standing position. The frame weight exceeds that of all standing desk competitors providing exceptional stability at full height (up to 127cm). 

The major benefits of the PRO Series standing desk include increased wellbeing, productivity and creativity as well as reduced physical discomfort arising from prolonged time spent in a seated position. Recently the Australian government published a slogan “Sitting is the New Smoking” that indicates just how critical it is to invest in your wellbeing and avoid chronic health issues connected to excessive seated work.

The PRO Series standing desks are very easy to setup. Our customers often complete their own installation in between 20-25 minutes using our video or written setup guide.

  • Available in white or black.
  • Height range of 61.5cm – 127cm (without desktop).
  • 150Kg weight rating
  • Adjustable width to suit desktops 105cm to 240cm in length.
  • Quiet dual motor mechanism.
  • 10 year warranty.


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