UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with Acacia Desktop, Black (In Stock) / Acacia 120cm x 75cm (In Stock)

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The UpDown Desk PRO Series electric standing desk with Acacia  desktop is a striking desktop using sustainable timber. Acacia has prominent colour tones, ranging from medium gold to dark brown. Its surface has a clear finish, with smooth straight edges and is a solid 2.5cm thick. It combines outstanding engineering with the latest technology in motor and digital height control – including 4 height memory buttons for easy height adjustment.

The frame weight exceeds that of all standing desk competitors providing exceptional stability at full height (up to 127cm). 

The major benefits of the PRO Series standing desk include increased wellbeing, productivity and creativity as well as reduced physical discomfort arising from prolonged time spent in a seated position. Recently the Australian government published a slogan “Sitting is the New Smoking” that indicates just how critical it is to invest in your wellbeing and avoid chronic health issues connected to excessive seated work.

The PRO Series standing desks are very easy to setup. Our customers often complete their own installation in a short period of time using our video or written setup guide.

This desktop comes with metal support bars underneath the desktop to reinforce and strengthen the desktop. When you install the frame onto the desktop ensure that you do not attach the frame to these bars. Please retract or extend your frame slightly so that you can screw the frame directly into the wood of the desktop. See the pictures in the gallery for   details.

Acacia is a beautiful, softer timber and may dent if impacted harshly. We recommend the use of a protective surface when writing. This desktop has metal bars on the underside to increase the longevity of the desktop. The metal bars do not affect the aesthetics of the desk at all, as they are on the underside. When installing the frame, please do not drill or screw into these metal bars, as the frame should be attached directly to the wood of the desktop. You can expect many years of service from your desktop and quality PRO Series frame.


Our Acacia desktops are sourced from FSC certified forests that ensures responsible forest management.  Our partners in Vietnam diligently consider the local community and prioritise the employment of workers who are living in difficult economic and environmental conditions.  Further, our partners incorporate a DFE (design for the environment) approach to their operation which means:

  • 90% of the Acacia desktop packaging is cardboard
  • Adhesion compounds meet the E1 classification
  • Desktop finishing materials are 100% sourced from tree extracts

So you can be sure that these breathtaking Acacia desktops are professionally constructed using highly sustainable and ethical practices.

 Key features:

  • Unrivalled frame stability.
  • 4 memory buttons for height control.
  • Powerful dual motor lifting mechanism, 150kg lifting capacity.
  • Sustainably and responsibly sourced materials.
  • 10 year frame warranty for peace of mind.


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