UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with RECYCLED Messmate Desktop, Black (In Stock) / Recycled Messmate 120cm x 75cm (In Stock)

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The UpDown Desk PRO Series electric standing desk with Recycled Messmate desktop is a reclaimed Australian hardwood desktop with a magnificent natural grain accented by a subtle stain. It combines outstanding engineering with the latest technology in motor and digital height control – including 4 height memory buttons for easy height adjustment.

The frame weight exceeds that of all standing desk competitors providing exceptional stability at full height (up to 127cm). 

The major benefits of the PRO Series standing desk include increased wellbeing, productivity and creativity as well as reduced physical discomfort arising from prolonged time spent in a seated position. Recently the Australian government published a slogan “Sitting is the New Smoking” that indicates just how critical it is to invest in your wellbeing and avoid chronic health issues connected to excessive seated work.

The PRO Series standing desks are very easy to setup. Our customers often complete their own installation in a short period of time using our video or written setup guide.

This desktop comes with metal support bars underneath the desktop to reinforce and strengthen the desktop. When you install the frame onto the desktop ensure that you do not attach the frame to these bars. Please retract or extend your frame slightly so that you can screw the frame directly into the wood of the desktop. See the pictures in the gallery for   details.

You can expect many years of service from the hard wearing Recycled Messmate desktop and quality PRO Series frame.

Recycled Messmate

Messmate (also known as “Stringybark” or “Wormy”) is a native Australian eucalypt found mainly in the south east of Australia.  It is a hard wearing and dense hardwood, with a lovely grain and natural highlights, making it ideal for designing and building furniture.

We are lucky enough to partner with one of Melbourne’s leading furniture makers who specialise in creating bespoke furniture from Recycled Messmate.  The timber used to create our Recycled Messmate desktops come from iconic Melbourne sites such as the MCG, Old Channel 9 building, as well as old restaurants, warehouses and homes.  This sustainable approach to furniture making means you have the opportunity to take part in Australia’s heritage!

Offering all the natural properties of Messmate timber, a Recycled Messmate desktop, crowning the commercial quality PRO Series electric standing desk, will become a talking point at your home or office.  Your new Recycled Messmate desktop may even provide you with a glimpse of prior use!  Rest assured, all our desktops are professionally finished with a light stain so that the surface is impeccably smooth and uniform. Our hardwood timbers are a natural product and some variations of colour and grain will be seen in the desktop. No two trees grow exactly the same.

 Key features:

  • Unrivalled frame stability.
  • 4 memory buttons for height control.
  • Powerful dual motor lifting mechanism, 150kg lifting capacity.
  • Australian made solid Recycled Messmate desktop.
  • 10 year frame warranty for peace of mind.


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